Free Prayer Boxes


No, the Boxes aren't free, but the Prayer is!


God spoke to one woman, Molly Saunders, in Ohio, USA, telling her to make and put a Free Prayer Box in a restaurant in  her city.  There are now Free Prayer Boxes in almost all the States and in 32 countries across the world!


We discovered this ministry over the Internet and were led to get some boxes for North Wales.  We are now in the process of getting boxes made here in the UK with the blessing of the manufacturers in the USA.  This will mean they will be available more readily and cheaper (it costs more for postage from the States than for the boxes themselves!).  Our UK website - - will be fully up and running as soon as we have the boxes being made here and it will be possible to order them online, as in the USA.


We've found a firm not too far away that are keen to make the boxes... please pray for God to release the funds so they can be ordered.


We have come to the end of our 4th carton of 50 prayer boxes obtained from the States, and recently brought back a further 100.  We already have some lovely stories of what God is doing through them here in the UK.  Here is one from an email we received from a pastor who is chaplain to his local ASDA store:


"Mark, do you have any more of those prayer boxes? The one at ASDA disappeared after a good few weeks, but we got some prayer requests, made some contacts and a couple are going to a church now because of that."


Praise the Lord!


We had the privilege and joy of visiting Molly in Ohio in October 2005 when we were in the States for our son's wedding.  What an amazing day we had!  We were interviewed along with Molly on two local radio stations, joined with their city's weekly prayer meeting, had lunch with others at the restaurant where the first box had been placed, visited the manufacturers of the boxes and had dinner at another local restaurant, following which we gave testimony to those who came, some having heard our broadcasts in the morning!  In October 2007 we again visited and had a short but blessed time of fellowship with several involved in the ministry, including Molly.


If you want to find out more and learn about the fascinating story behind the Free Prayer Boxes, take a look at their new website:


We now have a Facebook group for the UK ministry.  Do please take a look, there are several photos there, and a link to the 6 minute promotional video, and feel free to join the group.  We hope that folk with boxes will post stories of how God is using them and blessing people through answered prayer.


If you would like to know more, or to be involved in this exciting ministry, contact us here in the UK as follows:-


Contact: Mark & Ann Russell 01766 523651 or 07976 758477